C-Melody Saxophone


Designed for a wide variety of playing situations, Maccaferri Reeds are manufactured  using proprietary technology and engineered for consistent ease of play right out of the box.


Hand finishing and direct quality checks at each step of our 9 step process.  We gauge our reeds at two points to ensure a reliable strength grading.  Constant checking by accomplished players.


Established in 1939 by Mario Maccaferri.  Our reeds have been used by some of the most famous players for generations. Direct personal supervision by Maccaferri family.

We blend mechanical precision, experience and individual attention to bring you the most consistent experience. Maccaferri reeds are available in boxes of 5, 10 and 25 reeds.  

What players are saying:

Reed played right out the box

...a very fast and crisp attack.

...a very good balanced reed

Absolutely amazing reeds!..I would recommend them to any saxophonist.

...this reed presents no signs of stress when you're really putting air through the horn.

Tenor Reed Strength Chart